Strategic Area One: Improve the Customer Experience, establishing OCLS as a friendly, welcoming and community centric service

A. Establish an ongoing customer service training program

  1. Evaluate and update customer service standards 
  2. Provide staff training on customer service
  3. Evaluate on-boarding / orientation program
  4. Promote the OCLS customer service story
  5. Provide training on dealing with hostile customers

B. Evolve the Mystery Shopper program to be a customer feedback based metric which delivers on customer-centric attributes. Engage in an ongoing program of customer feedback

  1. Expand the Mystery Shopper program to include technology and or library events
  2. Evaluate various customer feedback methods and update as necessary
  3. Enhance customer-driven staff recognition program

C. Provide inviting facilities to fulfill community needs

  1. Implement the space usage plan with a focus on the specific needs of the community
  2. Implement the customer service furniture and space usage plan
  3. Evaluate renovation needs
  4. Explore notary services

D. Enhance the on-boarding experience for new customers

  1. Go-live with a new ILS
  2. Develop and pilot test an onboarding orientation (online and in person)
  3. Develop online Melrose Center General Orientation
  4. Review the ROC from a customer perspective
  5. Evaluate an onboarding orientation video (online and in person)
  6. Evaluate onboarding customers that only use OCLS virtually
  7. Explore alternative library cards

Strategic Area Two: Increase awareness of OCLS and what is offered

A. Develop a strategic marketing plan

  1. Develop strategic communications plan for our specified target audiences
  2. Analyze Census data to evaluate customer demographics
  3. Begin integration of marketing tools available through OCLC/Wise ILS into marketing strategy
  4. Continue to develop multicultural marketing initiative
  5. Evaluate marketing efforts for inclusion and diversity

B. Leverage storytelling

  1. Refine customer service feedback process to provide more useful information that can be used in marketing
  2. Highlight user stories in an annual fundraising efforts
  3. Work with public-facing staff to evaluate strategies to gather impactful customer stories

C. Community outreach that builds awareness

  1. Implement and track progress of outreach toolkits and training
  2. Evaluate and define what partnership means for OCLS
  3. Evaluate opportunities for Youth Services and Marketing and Public Relations to coordinate on outreach initiatives

D. Empower employees to be ambassadors for OCLS

  1. Create monthly talking points and toolkits front-line staff can use at checkout and customer service areas
  2. Create recognition program for staff ambassadors
  3. Create Diversity Committee that helps ensure that marketing efforts are inclusive, diverse and reflective of the communities we serve

Strategic Area Three: Deliver experiences that offer opportunities to help the community learn and grow

A. Kindergarten preparedness

  1. Present Countdown to Kindergarten virtually and create for in-person program
  2. Leverage Beanstack programs to promote materials to early learners
  3. Explore resources and virtual tools to assist parents and caregivers with preparing children for Kindergarten

B. Early and family learning

  1. Offer training and how to better engage with individuals with sensory needs
  2. Expand Youth Services staff training to enhance public programming
  3. Develop parent and caregiver workshops on early and family learning

C. Provide experiences to enhance life skills

  1. Develop and expand virtual life skills
  2. Evaluate the success of virtual ESOL offerings
  3. Develop self-guided experiences to encourage learning and library use
  4. Seek and apply for new grant/award opportunities

D. Provide service delivery via technology

  1. Explore and implement alternatives to traditional services
  2. Update Technology plan

E. Explore new potential locations, project revenues and capital resources to service the community

  1. Evaluate Branches for HVAC, Roofing, MEP improvements
  2. Refresh North Orange Branch
  3. Refresh West Oaks Branch

F. Partner with schools

  1. Explore reaching new audiences for Library U-type experiences
  2. Develop and offer virtual field trips to schools
  3. Expand the children's initiative by offering new services in different modes

G. Foster Innovation & New Services

  1. Explore offering more on-demand virtual events
  2. Collaborate with community partners to explore & enhance offerings
  3. Evaluate Melrose equipment to improve services

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